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Fibras Peruanas
Our company's purpose is to produce knitted clothes like coats, sweaters, vests, scarfs and other accessories; made of Alpaca fiber to export. Made by high quality industrial machines and manual finishing, our capacity is 1000 to 1200 garments per month. We work on demand with the models provided by our clients to develop their collections and samples. We also develop our own collection for our clients.
Fibras Peruanas started in 1991 giving outsourcing services to other companies in the market. As a result of the experience and aspirations, our business started to export garments by 2002 initiating the internationalization of our company. Now the company exports in a continuous way to many countries in the world. For that, we count on our experienced and trained team.
Fibras Peruanas EIRL has as a presentation letter: the excellent quality of its products, which is the result of the constant training and experience of its employees, a good planning and alliance with our suppliers. It make us have the best prices on the market.
Many years of experience in this area is one of our strengths. It guarantees that our client's deliveries are under the agreed conditions in export contracts. The trust that our clients have for us allows us to work with the same enthusiasm as ever!

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